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Fubo vs Sling

Fubo vs Sling
Fubo updated: 2/21/2024
Sling updated: 2/22/2024
Comparison Score: 95/100
Customer Rating:
Comparison Score: 94/100
Customer Rating:
Four options

Pro: $79.99 (185 chs)
Elite: $89.99 (252 chs)
Premier: $99.99 (261 chs)
Latino: $32.99 (65 chs)

Three options

Orange: $40 (32 chs)
Blue: $40 (39 chs)
Orange + Blue: $55 (46 chs)

Most Popular

Fubo's Pro plan is its first full-featured package and has excellent overall value. In addition to 185 channels for $79.99/mo, it includes 1,000 hrs of DVR storage, up to 10 concurrent streams and quite a bit more.

Most Popular

The Orange plan is best for sports and family programming. Blue carries a few more news channels like FOX News and MSNBC.

DVR Storage
1,000 hrs

That's a good amount of storage, especially compared to Sling. Fubo also recently announced unlimited storage will be added to all plans soon (exact date TBD).

DVR Storage
50 hrs

That's quite a low number and on the lower range of all streaming providers. With less channels, not as big of a deal, but definitely keep it in mind.

Free Trial
7 days

As long as any provider and it's a fully unrestricted trial.

Free Trial
7 days


Concurrent streams
Up to 10

From home: watch on up to 10 different devices at the same time.
On the road: when away from home, up to 3 devices can be used.

Concurrent streams

Orange: 1 device at a time
Blue: up to 3 devices at a time
Orange + Blue: up to 4 devices at a time
Same limits whether at home or on the road.

Local channels
Yes (full lineup)

Fubo carries a full slate of local programming: ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Telemundo, etc. Your exact lineup depends on your zip.

Local channels

With the exception of a few cities, Sling doesn't offer any local channels. They suggest you get an HD antenna and often partially cover the cost of getting one.

Regional sports
Full slate

One of Fubo's biggest advantages over Sling and all other streaming services is their regional sports and overall sports programming.

Regional sports

As a cost-cutting measure, you won't find any RSNs with Sling.

More channels & sports

Fubo started out a sports-first provider and while it now has a more well-rounded lineup, sports fans and those that need a lineup closer to cable should give Fubo a serious look.

Core channels & save

Sling is a skinny bundle option that features a lot of popular live channels at excellent prices. Without locals, regional sports and other popular channels, make sure your favorites are covered by one of their plans.

Compare Fubo and Sling's most popular channels

Since Fubo has a lot more channels than Sling, it obviously has a larger assortment of channels overall. However, let's take a closer look at the more popular channels and see if each provider carries it (in ANY of their plans).

Regarding local channels, Sling doesn't really carry them other than FOX and NBC in about 20 big cities (e.g., Chicago, Los Angeles and New York). Everywhere else, there are no local TV options. You'll need an HD antenna or similar to get local programming.

Channel Fubo Sling FOX (select cities) NBC (select cities) ABC CBS ESPN Disney Discovery FS1 Univision Telemundo Hallmark MTV Learn more Learn more

So, if you definitely need local channels and don't have access to over-the-air local broadcasts, Fubo is the way to go. Sling carries most of the Disney suite of programming (A&E, ESPN, Disney channel, etc.) so that's a big plus there. When it comes to sports, that's kind of a no-brainer. Though Sling does carry ESPN, FS1 and a few others, Fubo is known for sports and soccer so big-time fans are probably better off paying a bit more for Fubo.

Bonuses and Free Trials

It's always cool to score a bonus at sign-up. What and how you get often depends on the time of year and the provider's partnerships with other streamers or media companies.

Fubo isn't owned by any other corporation (went public directly in 2020). As a result, most of its bonuses are price-based. Every so often, you can save about 25% per month over your first few months. Prices then revert to regular rates. There are no current price discounts but check back soon. With regard to trials, Fubo has a 7-day trial in effect. A credit card is required to sign-up but will only be charged after the 7 days are up.

When it comes to Sling, there are no current price discounts in place. They're fairly seasonal so there could be another in a month or two. As with Fubo, Sling also has a 7-day trial currently active. The only caveat is it's only available if you sign-up from a compatible device (not via a desktop or laptop browser). So, e.g., you'll see the trial option with an iPhone, Samsung phone, etc. The trial is completely unrestricted and does require a payment method to be put on file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fubo and Sling have add-on packs?

Sure do. In fact, Sling has quite a few more and they're all very specialized. Add whatever you need to round out your plan. Fubo offers premium movies, extra sports and international channels. Add-on pricing with each provider is pretty fair overall.

Does Sling offer Spanish-language programming as well?

Yes. They offer two smaller plans with Spanish channels: Sling Latino (~20 channels) and Sling Mexico (~10 channels). They're really best suited as an add-on to one of the English core plans.

Can I get extra storage space with Sling?

You can. For $5 more per month, your storage space increases from 50 to 200 hours. Still not huge but probably worth the extra fee if your recordings often get accidentally deleted.

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