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Xfinity Connect More Internet Package

Get Movin'
Xfinity uses a cable (coax) internet connection
Xfinity Cable Internet
Speeds up to
Upload: 20 Mbps
Contract: none
Cap: 1.2 TB
Price: $30
Plan Review
Xfinity Connect More internet plan

Xfinity's second internet plan, Connect More is their first true no-contract option. Featuring download speeds of up to 300 Mbps for an attractive $30/mo, it's been Xfinity's most popular plan for a few years now. That's the price for the first two years and assumes you have autopay setup. Year 3 and beyond, prices increase to $79/mo.

Connect More most closely compares to Spectrum's entry plan, Internet 300. You'll get the same speed at a cheaper price here so if choosing between the two, we give the slight edge to Xfinity.

When it comes to equipment, as with most internet providers you can always use your own. We recommend doing just that and with Xfinity, it saves you the rental fee of $15/mo for their xFi modem and router combo (current deals have it discounted to free for two years). The xFi equipment is better than most but unless you're really not tech savvy, you're better off buying than renting.

PERFECT FOR: households with up to 3-5 connected devices that regularly stream or play online games.

Xfinity offers a bunch internet plans, spaced apart by at least 200 Mbps. Here's a quick look at all of them:

Cost (Yr 1)
Cost (Yr 3+)
150 Mbps
$19.99 /mo
$61 /mo
Connect More
300 Mbps
$30 /mo
$79 /mo
500 Mbps
$50 /mo
$89 /mo
800 Mbps
$60 /mo
$99 /mo
1000 Mbps
$65 /mo
$109 /mo
Xfinity plans vary by location. See what's available near you.

What you can do with 300 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload

These days, websites and apps need more bandwidth than ever. That trend won't be changing anytime soon. So, a speedy and reliable internet plan is as important as ever. Connect More and its 300 Mbps give a household plenty of options. It's certainly not the fastest plan from Xfinity but if you don't need a more responsive connection, it's a solid package. A household of five could simultaneously stream movies in HD, watch YouTube or play games online.

See the table below for more common uses and how much bandwidth each uses (per user)

Min. Download
1 Mbps
1-3 Mbps
attached files count
Work from home
15 Mbps
1-5 Mbps
Streaming Video (SD)
4 Mbps
almost 100% download
Streaming Video (HD)
8 Mbps
Streaming Video (HD 4K)
25 Mbps
VoIP HD video call (Zoom)
1.5 Mbps
1.5 Mbps
Gaming - PC Multiplayer
4 Mbps
4 Mbps
Live stream (broadcast)
25 Mbps
1-60 Mbps
varies by quality

Price, Fees and Discounts

Let's get into the details on price and figure out what you'll really pay, (hidden) fees and discounts included. Overall, Xfinity does a fair job with transparency in pricing. Their fees are a bit steeper than other providers but not enough to deter most.

Xfinity Connect More fees

xFi modem/router Installation Kit Monthly Tax

Modem/Router (xFi)

There are two options here, the xFi Gateway and xFi Complete. The Gateway is their entry-level equipment and goes for a regular price of $15/mo. There's a current special in play which drops that to $0/mo for 2 years. The xFi Complete gives you more privacy and security and, most importantly, removes the 1.2 TB data cap. It normally goes for $25/mo but it you can currently get it for $0/mo for 2 years. Unless you need to routinely boot users off your Wi-Fi or closely monitor internet usage, we recommend saving the coin and going with Gateway. Of course, buying your own equipment is the best route, long-term.

Installation Kit

Even if you set-up your own internet (which isn't hard to do), Xfinity charges a one-time installation/activation fee of $15. We'd prefer the self-install route be completely free but charging for installation is a growing trend in the industry. Luckily, it's a one-time thing.

Monthly Tax

A monthly tax will be added to your bill if you live in a state with sales tax. It's usually only about $2 a month.

Xfinity Connect More credits


Autopay credit

With all Xfinity plans (TV or internet), you'll save $10/mo when you enroll in autopay.

Sample Xfinity Connect More Internet Bill (1st year)

Putting all those fees and discounts together, here's what to expect when your first bill arrives (this sample assumes you're leasing their equipment and enrolled in autopay).

Up front
Xfinity Connect More
install kit
  • auto-pay discount
  • discount for 2 yrs
  • ($10)
  • ($39)
Residential Taxes
gov. fees (approx.)
Modem /router
xFi Gateway
(2yr discount)

Any hidden fees?

No, it's all listed above. Other fees apply if you go over the cap or miss your payment date...

  • Data overage - if you're using your own equipment or have the xFi Gateway (not xFi Complete), a data cap of 1.2 TB applies. You can usually get the fee comp'ed the first time you go over. Thereafter, it's $10 for each additional 50 GB of data.
  • Late payment fee - if you're more than 2 weeks past your due date, a $10 late fee could be added to your bill (though not always).

Xfinity Internet Features

All Xfinity subscribers qualify for a set of impressive perks. By far, the best is access to their free, nationwide public Wi-Fi...

Xfinity's Wi-Fi Hotspots
Xfinity Hotspots

With over 26 million customers across the country, Xfinity gives you access to any customers' Wi-Fi signal. Just add the Xfinity Wi-Fi app and it'll automatically connect when in range...

Xfinity's xFi modem/router
Xfinity xFi

Xfinity offers two modem/router combos for lease (the basic version is currently free for 2 years). Both give you access to their latest xFi tech, which helps broaden your home's Wi-Fi coverage. Control and manage your privacy settings via the Xfinity app.

Xfinity Connect More Data Cap: 1.2 TB

If you're not renting the xFi Complete modem/router ($15/mo), Xfinity internet plans carry a cap. You're allotted 1.2 TB of data every month. See below for a sample of what you can do every month (all these activities COMBINED use about 1.2 TB)...

Send /receive Email
36,000 times
Social media posts (with pic)
6,000 times
Stream music
9,600 hrs
General browsing
2,400 hrs
2,000 hrs
Streaming Video (HD)
420 hrs
1.2 TB

That's quite a bit. Most households will never get close to the cap. If you routinely do, consider upgrading to the xFi Complete. For just video (streaming TV, etc), here's what the Xfinity cap allows:

  • Streaming SD Video - 1,700 hours (1.2 TB)
  • Streaming HD Video - 480 hours (1.2 TB)
  • Streaming HD 4K Video - 205 hours (1.2 TB)

Again, plenty of data for a ton of movies. If you stream nearly all your stuff in 4K, you may get close, so think about watching most of your shows in regular HD.

How to get this plan

As of today, the best price and promos for the Connect More plan are below. Calling tends to be the best way to make sure everything is setup correctly, right from the start...

Connect More Deal
Expires: soon
  • Connect More internet plan for as low as $30/mo
  • 300 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload
  • $39/mo in credits for 24 months
  • xFi Modem/Router available or bring your own
  • Access to millions of Xfinity WiFi Hotspots
  • Qualifies you for bundling deals with TV/phone
Learn More
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes.
Immediate set-up available? Yes.
60% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Connect More's price increase in year 3?

Even though Xfinity doesn't do contracts, they offset the risk of losing customers by increasing prices in the 3rd year (the rationale is if you're still around after two years, you're also likely to be OK with a price hike). If not, consider downgrading to a plan that's still fast enough (there's no charge to switch).

What's the best TV plan to bundle with Connect More?

Xfinity's Popular TV plan works for most households. It's a good mix of price and channel options. If you want bare bones TV or just local channels, try Choice TV.

Does it cost extra to have a technician install it for me?

In most cases, no. Assuming you don't have an incredibly complicated setup, Xfinity won't charge for a tech visit. You'll still pay the standard install kit fee but the actual work to get you hooked up is almost always covered.

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