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Pathway X1 and X2 Portable Antennas

As a follow-up to its Tailgater and other mobile options, DISH recently launched their new portable antenna line, the Pathway X1 and X2. Designed to be their most flexible and compatible mobile antennas yet, the Pathway is quite a bit smaller and much more user friendly than its predecessors. For starters, the biggest knock against the Tailgater was it only worked with one receiver (the ViP 211k single-tuner). Pathways, however, integrate with nearly all SOLO HD receivers available and setup is always plug and play (there's no major setup or configuration). Its other major advantage is size -- the X1 is the smallest portable HD antenna on the market (14.3" diameter, 13.5" high and 10 lbs). The X2, which lets you simultaneously control two different receivers, has the following dimensions: 21" diameter, 21" height and 16 lbs.

For $7 a month (current DISH subscribers; new customers need to sign up for a basic DISH plan first), you get access to every English channel on America's Top 120 and above, including the full suite of XM Sirius radio. There's no long-term contract with either Pathway - you only pay for the months you need it. So, if you'll be taking the RV out for a summer vacation, book it for only those month(s) then shut it down 'til next year. Billing is fully integrated into your regular bill, so you'll never forget to pay a new, separate bill.

Read on to learn more about each product or click here to visit Winegard's site, the folks who manufacture the Pathway and various other specialty antennas. If you need one right away, you can usually find them in stock at Camping World or Amazon.

Pathway Product Line

Pathway X1Pathway X1
» The smallest portable antenna available
» Price: $499.00 (black or white, roof mount extra)
» Manufacturer: Winegard
» Max # Receivers: 2 (HD)
» Setup: add state, everything else is automatic (under 10 minutes)

Behind the scenes, the Pathway X1 automatically tunes different satellites as you change the channel and/or drive the country. Specifically, it'll resolve up to 3 different satellites in the western sky (110°, 119° and 129°). It has two different receiver outputs, so you can watch different programming on two receivers, provided the channels are on the same satellite. The only caveat is when the primary receiver changes satellites -- if/when that happens, you'll have to have to manually update receiver 2 to get it working properly again (X2 automates most of that process). At $50 more than the X2, the biggest upside here is size. So, if space is a priority, highly consider going with the X1.
Pathway X2Pathway X2
» The best experience for 2 TVs
» Price: $449.00 (black or white, roof mount extra)
» Manufacturer: Winegard
» Max # Receivers: 2 (HD, DISH certified)
» Setup: add state, everything else is automatic (under 10 minutes)

In short, the X2 makes watching programming on two different TVs much easier than the X1 (it intelligently and automatically updates BOTH receivers as needed). It's a bit more flexible in its coverage as well - in addition to 3 western satellites the X1 uses, it also tracks the following eastern satellites: 61.5°, 72° and 77°. The X2's housing and design also gives it another advantage: weatherproofing. Thanks to a much larger internal reflector, it'll pick up and amplify even the faintest of signals during heavy weather: storms, wind, etc. The trade-off is that its about 40% bigger than the X1. Bottom line, if you're looking for seamless dual TV programming and often find yourself in inclement weather, the X2 is probably you're best option.

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