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DISH America's Top 120 Package

The most value

If you're looking for an affordable plan with a healthy assortment of channels, America's Top 120 Package is a solid option. Priced and locked at $84.99/mo for 2 years, this is DISH's most popular package with individuals and small families alike. If you dig high-tech receivers, this plan (as do the others) qualifies you for DISH's whole-home DVR, the Hopper. There's also a very similar plan to this one, Top 120+ (plus) -- it runs $15 more per month, but includes some cool new sports channels like Altitude, the Big Ten & PAC 12 Networks and a handful of others. So, if you dig those channels, consider 120+ ...otherwise, the base 120 plan with its excellent dollar-value per channel has been a customer favorite since DISH launched in the mid '90s, and that won't be changing anytime soon.

America's Top 120
190+ channels
$84.99 /mo
Price locked in for 2 years
Regular: $94.99
  • Over 190 live channels
  • $300 Reward Card
  • Free Local Channels
  • Free Installation
  • Free Hopper Whole-home DVR
  • Free Google voice remote
  • Free movie channels (see bottom of page for latest deal)
  • SiriusXM Music channels
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A smart mix of family, sports and general-interest programming, America's TOP 120 includes popular channels such as ABC Family, USA, ESPN, Fox News, Disney Channel and much more. This package also includes DISH's Movie Pack (15+ movie channels), free for 3 months. When we ordered DISH, 120 was the first package we went with. It covered nearly everyone's tastes, all at a price $40/mo less than cable. If/when you outgrow it, you can easily upgrade to the 200 and 250 packages for more options and premium channel sets.

PERFECT FOR: those just starting out with DISH or a bit unsure about which plan to get.

Check out all the channels in this plan below:

America's Top 120 Channels

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Questions? Call 1-855-220-8135Compare to other plans
Channel Number HD Base Channels
Movie Channels
Sports Channels
Local Channels
Spanish Channels
Music Channels
ACC Network402
Almavision Hispanic Network4818
Angel One262
Angel Two266
BabyFirst TV823
C-SPAN 1210
C-SPAN 2211
Cartoon Network (East)176
Cartoon Network (West)177
Christian Television (CTN)267
Comedy Central107
Country Music TV (CMT)166
DISH Home100
DISH Info101
DISH Music [+]922.m
DISH Music - 50's & 60's Hits933
DISH Music - 70's Hits934
DISH Music - 80's Hits935
DISH Music - City Lights927
DISH Music - Classic Soul939
DISH Music - Country Music One937
DISH Music - Decades931
DISH Music - Expressions925
DISH Music - Hitline923
DISH Music - Hot FM924
DISH Music - Little Italy944
DISH Music - Love Songs926
DISH Music - Moodscapes928
DISH Music - Piano & Guitar930
DISH Music - Roadhouse946
DISH Music - The Beach936
DISH Music - The Boulevard938
DISH Music - The Party Playlist929
DISH Music - Toned942
DISH Music - Tropical Breezes945
DISH Studio102
Disney Channel (East)172
Disney Channel (West)173
E! Entertainment TV114
EVINE Live134
Family Entertainment TV82
Food Network110
Fox News Channel205
Fox Sports 1150
Free Speech TV9415
Gem Shopping Network229
Headline News (HLN)130
Hopper Insider103
Inspiration Channel (INSP)259
Investigation Discovery192
ION TV (East)250
Jewelry Television227
Justice Central240
Justice Network252
Kids & Teens TV (KTV)264
Link TV9410
MTV 2161
National Geographic186
Nickelodeon (East)170
Nickelodeon (West)171
Paramount Network241
Pursuit Channel393
QVC 2255
SiriusXM [+]6000
SiriusXM - '40s Junction6073
SiriusXM - '70s on 76007
SiriusXM - '80s on 86008
SiriusXM - '90s on 96009
SiriusXM - 1st Wave6033
SiriusXM - 50s Gold6005
SiriusXM - 60s Gold6006
SiriusXM - Aguila6094
SiriusXM - Alt Nation6036
SiriusXM - BB King's Bluesville6074
SiriusXM - Bluegrass Junction6062
SiriusXM - Boneyard6038
SiriusXM - BPM6051
SiriusXM - Caliente6095
SiriusXM - Caricia6096
SiriusXM - Chill6053
SiriusXM - Classic Rewind6025
SiriusXM - Classic Vinyl6026
SiriusXM - Coffee House6014
SiriusXM - Deep Tracks6027
SiriusXM - Diplo’s Revolution6052
SiriusXM - E Street Radio6020
SiriusXM - Elvis Radio6019
SiriusXM - enLighten6065
SiriusXM - Escape6069
SiriusXM - Faction6041
SiriusXM - Fly on6047
SiriusXM - Hair Nation6039
SiriusXM - Heart and Soul6048
SiriusXM - Hip-Hop Nation6044
SiriusXM - Hits 16002
SiriusXM - Jam On6029
SiriusXM - Liquid Metal6040
SiriusXM - Lithium6034
SiriusXM - Love6070
SiriusXM - Met Opera Radio6075
SiriusXM - Octane6037
SiriusXM - On Broadway6072
SiriusXM - Outlaw Country6060
SiriusXM - Pearl Jam Radio6022
SiriusXM - PitBull Globalization6004
SiriusXM - Pop2K6010
SiriusXM - Praise6064
SiriusXM - Prime Country6058
SiriusXM - Radio Margaritaville6024
SiriusXM - Real Jazz6067
SiriusXM - Rock The Bells Radio6043
SiriusXM - Shade 456045
SiriusXM - Siriusly Sinatra6071
SiriusXM - Soul Town6049
SiriusXM - Spa6068
SiriusXM - Spectrum6028
SiriusXM - Studio 54 Radio6054
SiriusXM - Symphony Hall6076
SiriusXM - The Blend6016
SiriusXM - The Bridge6032
SiriusXM - The Grateful Dead6023
SiriusXM - The Groove6050
SiriusXM - The Heat6046
SiriusXM - The Highway6056
SiriusXM - The Joint6042
SiriusXM - The Loft6030
SiriusXM - The Message6063
SiriusXM - The Pulse6015
SiriusXM - Underground Garage6021
SiriusXM - Uptopia6055
SiriusXM - Viva6091
SiriusXM - Watercolors6066
SiriusXM - Willie's Roadhouse6059
SiriusXM - XMU6035
SiriusXM - Y2Kountry6057
TBN Inspire259
Travel Channel196
TV Games Network (TVG)399
TV Land106
TVG 2398
USA Network105
Weather Channel (TWC)214
Women's Entertainment (WE)128
Channel data updated: 1/14/24

How to get this package

As of today, get America's Top 120 at the lowest price available below, either online or over the phone (currently, there's no dollar advantage to choosing one over the other)...

The Best Price Package
Expires: soon
  • America's Top 120 for as low as $84.99/mo
  • Over 190 live TV channels
  • Prices locked in for 2 years
  • Bonus: Get up to a $300 Gift Card!
  • FREE Smart HD DVR (Hopper 3 or Duo)
  • FREE Showtime, STARZ and DISH Movie Pack for 3 Months
  • FREE HD for Life! (w/ agreement, autopay & paperless billing)
  • BONUS: Free Voice Remote with Google Assistant
Learn More
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes.
Next-day installation available? Yes.
48% Off
Related Related: In addition to traditional pre-built plans like this one, DISH's most popular package has recently been the Flex Pack, largely due to its customizable channel bundles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the more popular channels missing from America's Top 120?

Since it's DISH's entry level plan, there are a variety of popular networks missing (though, depending on your tastes, may not be a big deal). Here are a few of the notable omissions: Sports (ACC Network, Big Ten Network, Fox Sports 2, Longhorn Network, PAC-12 Network), Movies (Turner Classic Movies, Sundance TV), Kids (Nick Jr, TeenNick, Disney XD), Family (Discovery Family, BBC America, Cooking Channel), Spanish (Univision, Galavision). Note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Why is it called America's Top 120 when there are more than 190 channels listed?

Every year, new programming contracts with studios get signed and channels get added to DISH's library (usually at no additional cost to you). DISH then assigns them to the appropriate plan(s). Additionally, about 25 of those channels are music only (DISHMusic).

I need my locals - are they guaranteed with AT 120?

Yes. Based on your zip, you'll get access to all the local channels in your area. DISH doesn't give preference or additional local channels to subscribers on larger plans (which we've seen with other providers and services).

What happened to the HBO and Cinemax options?

When AT&T (who owns HBO and Cinemax) purchased DIRECTV a few years back, they eventually decided to pull both movie networks from all DISH properties. We don't expect that to change anytime soon, so if you need HBO, we recommend subscribing to HBO Max separately and integrating that into your TV.

Total Cost: America's Top 120

Here's the full cost breakdown for America's Top 120, including DVR, installation and other monthly charges. Keep in mind state or local governments can add additional charges to your bill. The set-up below assumes Hopper Duo with 1 TV and local channels (which are now optional with DISH).

Aside from an auto-pay discount, current deals from DISH include discounts for any of the following: Customers aged 55+, Active/retired military, Health-care workers, First responders and teachers.

America's Top 120
almost always free
Local channels
Hopper Duo (1 TV)
Auto-pay discount

DISH's Exclusive Offers

Since 2020 and as part of a response to COVID, DISH has offered exclusive discounts for customers that fall into any of the categories below. The perks range from free channels and pay-per-view to better equipment coverage and priority support. During the sign-up process, you'll need to provide proof of eligibility (ID card, etc).

Age 55+
  • 1st PPV movie free
  • DISH Protection Plan Plus for 6 mths
  • Priority call routing & tech support
  • Free equipment replacements & in-home visits
valid ID
Active military and veterans
  • 1st PPV movie every mth free
  • Hopper for TV Anywhere included
  • Stars & Stripes Pack included
status doc
Health care workers
  • 1st PPV movie every mth free
  • Hopper 2 for TV Anywhere included
  • Heartland Pack included
valid ID
First responders
  • 1st PPV movie every mth free
  • Hopper for TV Anywhere included
  • Stars & Stripes Pack included
valid ID
  • 1st PPV movie every mth free
  • Hopper 2 for TV Anywhere included
  • Heartland Pack included
valid ID
Company Profile:
Founded: 1980
Services: TV, Internet, Wireless, IPTV

For over 4 decades, DISH Network has been a leader in satellite TV entertainment, and now a growing player in wireless and over-the-top TV.

Our DISH Network rating: 98/100

DISH has over 8 million customers and still provides a very cost-effective way to watch a ton of channels. If streaming is too restrictive and/or you want plenty of live TV, we routinely recommend DISH to mid to large size families looking for plenty of options.

More about America's Top 120

From a company's perspective, America's Top 120 was included in DISH's lineup to slash prices as much as possible (and compete with DIRECTV and cable). Other than Flex, it's still their lowest-priced plan and, overall, DISH did a good and careful job with its mix of live channels. Not surprisingly, it's also the plan most advertised on TV, via snail mail, etc.

America's Top 120 Plan from DISH
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