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Found in 43+ states
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Spectrum Coverage Map

Note: darker blue means a higher total percentage of availability in the state. Gray means no availability.
Zip Codes with Spectrum: 8,889

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Spectrum's availability in the U.S. is quite strong overall and they currently rank as the nation's second-largest internet provider (behind Xfinity). They are a bit sparse in the middle states but, otherwise, most other states stand a good chance of having access to Spectrum's services. In the Western half of the country, some of the higher availability states include: California (51.8%), Montana (61.3%), Wyoming (58.2%) and Texas (52.7%). Interestingly, Hawaii is almost completely covered by Spectrum so it's usually the best option for planning that perfect luau.

Spectrum Internet Availability

About 25% of the U.S.

By area covered and total customers, Spectrum is right behind Xfinity as the top cable service provider in the country. For the most part, it's available in relatively high population cities (rural cities and counties are usually not close enough to a Spectrum backbone to get it). They're still expanding into various parts of the country so expect their internet coverage to slowly improve of the years, particularly with fiber.

Most popular internet plan: Spectrum 300

Spectrum features three different internet plans: Spectrum 300 (300 Mbps), Spectrum Ultra (500 Mbps) and Spectrum Gig (1,000 Mbps). Of the three, the most popular is Spectrum 300. Download speeds of 300 Mbps is plenty fast for most households and it's always competitively-priced. Toss in the fact there's no contract required, it's the plan most subscribers pick first.

Spectrum uses a cable (coax) internet connection
Spectrum Cable Internet
Speeds up to
Upload: 10 Mbps
Contract: none
Price: $49.99

Spectrum TV Availability

Also covers ~25%

As with most cable providers, TV service is an option in nearly all the households that have the corresponding internet service (TV and internet data are carried across the same coax cable). Spectrum is no different. So, all folks that subscribe to internet have the option of bundling with three different TV plans. Combining TV with internet saves you a bit plus usually qualifies you for bundling bonuses. Of the three TV packages, the most comprehensive is TV Select (150 channels for $64.99/mo).

The newest of the bunch is TV Stream. It features 80 channels for $39.99/mo. It's lean, priced just right (for most) and requires no equipment. The cons are it has no sports or locals, so figure out your definite needs before you decide. Here's a closer look at TV Stream...

Spectrum uses a cable (coax) TV connection
Spectrum Cable TV
Locals: No
Contract: No
Price: $39.99

And here's how all three plans stack up:

Price /mo

States with Spectrum service

Of all the states that have Spectrum options, the highest amount of coverage is found in Hawaii (97.3%), North Carolina (83.6%), Ohio (82.2%), Wisconsin (78.7%), Montana (61.3%) and so on.

Both coasts have the highest concentration of Spectrum coverage with sporadic availability in the heartland states. As with most ISPs, growth and expansion branch off from existing areas of coverage so if you don't have Spectrum but folks a city or two away do, there's a good change that'll change soon. Contacting Spectrum with a petition from neighbors usually speeds up the process.

State (% covered)
Alabama (46.9%)
Arizona (2.4%)
California (51.8%)
Colorado (6.3%)
Connecticut (10.2%)
Florida (38.4%)
Georgia (19.3%)
Hawaii (97.3%)
Idaho (9.4%)
Illinois (5.3%)
Indiana (20.5%)
Kansas (22.6%)
Kentucky (64.8%)
Louisiana (14.1%)
Maine (7.8%)
Maryland (0.7%)
Massachusetts (12.4%)
Michigan (27.3%)
Minnesota (21.2%)
Mississippi (1.4%)
Missouri (52.5%)
Montana (61.3%)
Nevada (21.2%)
New England (35.6%)
New Hampshire (11.8%)
New Jersey (2.4%)
New Mexico (1.8%)
New York (58.3%)
North Carolina (83.6%)
Ohio (82.2%)
Oregon (19.5%)
Pennsylvania (2.5%)
Rhode Island (0.1%)
South Carolina (60.3%)
Tennessee (28.6%)
Texas (52.7%)
Utah (0.1%)
Vermont (7.8%)
Virginia (3.2%)
Washington (10.2%)
West Virginia (4.2%)
Wisconsin (78.7%)
Wyoming (58.2%)

Is Spectrum available near me?

As mentioned, urban and suburban addresses stand the best chance of already having Spectrum wired to their home. As soon as Spectrum enters a new area, fliers and notices via snail mail are the first indication of the change. New customer rebates are usually the next (since they're exclusively tailored to your neighborhood, they're often better than deals found elsewhere, including online).

If you do get Spectrum, are all the plans always available?

Almost always. Spectrum strategically keeps all connected addresses within a certain radius of the main line (with coax, the further the distance, the slower the signal). As a result, they can guarantee the minimum speeds of all their internet plans, wherever you are in the country. Exceptions occur, but as long as you have Spectrum, expect access to ALL their TV and internet plans, including bundles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Spectrum plans change based on area code?

No. Unlike other providers with multiple brands in different parts of the country (usually the result of takeovers and mergers), Spectrum is known as Spectrum throughout the country. Plans and offers are the same no matter where you live.

Can I get home phone service too?

Yes. In all areas with Spectrum coverage, Spectrum Voice is their full home phone service. You get digital calling, caller ID, forwarded calls, voicemail and more. Overall, it's a solid alternative to landlines and cellphones.

Does this coverage include mobile data?

No. Spectrum also offers a mobile data service for your smartphone or device but that, of course, is carried via over-the-air antennas. They use Verizon's 4G LTE and 5G network and extend that coverage with their own internet Wi-Fi access points.

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