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Bloomberg Channel

Founded: January, 1994
Parent Company: Bloomberg LP
Tagline: "This is Bloomberg"
Website: bloomberg.tv

One of the first all-financial channels in the country, Bloomberg didn't have immediate success. In its first decade or so, their morning market shows were simulcast on USA Network, then on E! (to gain exposure to a broader audience). Proving to be a winner in those time slots, they gradually grew a following and evolved into the business, stock and forex market news powerhouse they are today.

Over the years, they've also expanded to other major countries with robust stock markets (Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, etc). All told, their stock market ticker has been translated and likely been seen by billions by now. Little known fact: Bloomberg has provided financial and production backing for the PBS' Charlie Rose show for years.

Bloomberg Programming & Shows

Reruns: Best of Bloomberg Markets
Original Series: Bloomberg Daybreak, Bloomberg Markets, What'd You Miss?, Brilliant Ideas, Charlie Rose, Bloomberg Technology, etc.

Is Bloomberg Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 353 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 203 (SD / HD)

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DISH Packages with Bloomberg:

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