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Xfinity Availability

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Xfinity Coverage Map

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Note: darker red means a higher total percentage of availability in the state. Gray means no availability.

As you can see, Xfinity's availability in the contiguous U.S. is fairly spread out. Overall, they service roughly 40% of the populated U.S. Across the left half of the country, it's available over the entire West Coast and most of the Southwest (highlighted by California, Utah, Colorado and Washington). The Eastern half of the U.S. has more coverage overall with Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Massachusetts leading the way.

Xfinity Internet Availability

About 40% of the U.S.

By total customers, Xfinity is the top cable provider in the country. Internet is their most popular service with TV a close second. If you live in an Xfinity area, it's usually the cheapest and best way to get internet. Overall, roughly 40% of the United States can access Xfinity Internet and that coverage is slowly improving, especially with Xfinity Fiber.

Most popular internet plan: Xfinity Connect

Xfinity offers a few different internet plans but their most popular is Xfinity Connect. It's the cheapest and still provides enough bandwidth (75 Mbps) for most household needs. It requires a 1-year contract and currently goes for $19.99/mo. If you need more flexibility and don't want a contract, all of their other internet plans are contract-free, though you'll pay a bit more.

Xfinity Connect uses a cable (coax) internet connection
Xfinity Cable Internet
Speeds up to
Upload: 10 Mbps
Contract: 1 year
Price: $19.99

Xfinity TV Availability

Also covers ~40%

Going back to their early years, Xfinity TV is what started it all. Before internet was widely available, their growth was all driven by TV. By the time internet became a thing, Xfinity already had all the coax lines wired and it was a relatively simple process to expand services to include internet. Over the years, they've changed plan names and download specs a bunch but the one thing that's remained constant (and grown) is their availability. Once Xfinity is wired to a zip code and home it almost always stays there. Of all their current TV plans, below is one of their most chosen, Popular TV.

Xfinity Connect uses a cable (coax) TV connection
Xfinity Cable TV
Locals: Yes
Contract: No
Price: $50

States with Xfinity service

Xfinity has strategically expanded throughout the most densely populated areas of the country. It's currently available in 41 states plus nearly all of Washington D.C. (97.9% coverage). The states with the most percent coverage are: Massachusetts (85.4%), Utah (78.5%), Delaware (78.3%), Colorado (75.9%), Illinois (75.9%) and Washington (73.1%).

State (% covered)
Alabama (17.1%)
Arizona (5.1%)
Arkansas (13.2%)
California (31.8%)
Colorado (75.9%)
Connecticut (50.6%)
Delaware (78.3%)
D.C. (97.9%)
Florida (52.7%)
Georgia (56.4%)
Idaho (0.09%)
Illinois (75.9%)
Indiana (57.7%)
Kansas (4.7%)
Kentucky (5.3%)
Louisiana (10.6%)
Maine (7.8%)
Maryland (69.0%)
Massachusetts (85.4%)
Michigan (60.3%)
Minnesota (45.6%)
Mississippi (31.9%)
Missouri (7.8%)
New Hampshire (68.8%)
New Jersey (53.7%)
New Mexico (55.4%)
New York (0.6%)
North Carolina (0.1%)
Ohio (1.4%)
Oregon (57.9%)
Pennsylvania (69.1%)
Rhode Island (0.1%)
South Carolina (12.9%)
Tennessee (56.0%)
Texas (21.3%)
Utah (78.5%)
Vermont (71.6%)
Virginia (41.5%)
Washington (73.1%)
West Virginia (28.9%)
Wisconsin (1.4%)

Is Xfinity available in your area?

That's the million-dollar question. Xfinity is much more of a big city thing than rural. So, if you're in or close to a medium-size city or live within a housing association, chances are Xfinity is already wired. Rural homes are usually out of luck as it's a fairly expensive proposition to run miles of coax for just a handful of potential customers. Those situations are often best connected with fixed (line-of-sight) wireless or satellite internet. Of course, every zip and county are just a bit different. Find out where your address stands...

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Frequently Asked Questions

If my address isn't connected, can I request Xfinity service?

If you're relatively close to an Xfinity area, yes. That is, if you're within a few miles of a fairly populated area, they're much more likely to extend out coverage. Getting your neighbors to sign a petition (to sign up) usually helps quite a bit as well.

If I had a coax connection with a different cable provider, will that work with Xfinity?

If a previous cable provider wired you up with coax and Xfinity now services your area, yes, there's a good chance Xfinity can use that same wire to transmit their signal(s).

How do I get Xfinity Fiber?

Everyone wants it but it's still rolling out so availability is generally quite low. When it does reach your neighborhood, you're likely to get plenty of mailers and hear the buzz. Or call up Xfinity to find out if fiber is planned for the near future.

If I move from one Xfinity area to another, what changes?

Not much. Let Xfinity know you'll be moving and they'll help transfer your account to the new address. It's a good idea to choose an activation date/time at the new address that slightly overlaps with the disconnection of the current so you'll never be without internet. Setup the same equipment at the new address and once activated, you're good to go. Billing won't change unless you're moving hundreds of miles and the new region has slightly different plans available.

Find out if Xfinity is available in your area
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