Liberty 12 Plan

Excellent starter

Liberty 12 is Viasat's entry-level internet plan. With download speeds of 12 Mbps, 12 GB of usage and a price tag of $30 per month (during the 3 month promo), it's a solid choice for folks that just need the basics. Since 5 Mbps is generally about what one person uses, this package is a good match for 1-2 people.

12 Mpbs
$30 /mo
Regular: $50
  • Download: 12 Mbps
  • Upload: Up to 3 Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 12 GB /mo
    • - free from 3am - 6am
    • - after 12 GB, you're slowed to 1-5 Mbps
  • Contract: 2 years
  • Up-front fees: $0
Plan Details

As with all Viasat (Exede) Liberty packages, your best bet is to pick a plan that includes your expected amount of monthly usage. With Liberty 12, you get 12 GB of Priority Data (at 12 Mpbs). If you exceed that cap, Libery Pass kicks in: during daytime hours you'll be slowed to 1-5 Mpbs (good enough for everything but streaming HD movies). At nightime, however, you may be slowed to under 1 Mbps (it all depends on the number of Viasat users in your area). If you need faster speeds and can't wait until the cap resets the following month, you can always buy extra data ($10/GB) or upgrade plans. Again, the slower speeds only apply if you exceed the 12 Gb cap - so, as long as you stay under, you're golden.

PERFECT FOR: light users (email/browsing) who don't stream more than a few movies a month.

Other Viasat packages

If Liberty 12 isn't quite the the right fit, here are a handful of Viasat's other popular plans. Note that all Liberty plans feature "Liberty Pass" which lets you continue to surf at acceptable speeds (1-5 Mbps) even after you exceed your monthly allowance. "Unlimited" Viasat plans throttle you to slow speeds immediately after you exceed your monthly data cap.

Price after 3 mths
Data Cap After cap, your speeds will likely be reduced to 1-3 Mbps
Liberty 25
25 Mbps
25 Gb
Liberty 50
50 Mbps
75 Gb
Unlimited Bronze 12
12 Mpbs
40 Gb
Unlimited Silver 25
25 Mpbs
60 Gb

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a data allowance and data cap?

All Viasat Liberty plans have a data allowance which, unlike a cap, gradually slows you down and essentially lets you do anything you need online. Unlimited Viasat plans carry a data cap which, although generally larger than comparable data allowances, immediately slow you down to under 1 Mbps (which is mostly just good for email and very light surfing). So, bottom line, Liberty plans give you more flexibility should you ever exceed you data allowance.

Do all Viasat Liberty plans have a data allowance?

Yes. They all have caps according to their plan name. For example, Liberty 12 has an allowance of 12 Gb. After 12 Gb, your download speed will drop from 12 Mbps to 1-5 Mbps.

I thought satellite internet was super slow?

It used to be. However, a few years back, new satellites and technology dramatically increased Viasat's internet speeds (other satellite internet carriers are still a bit slower). Nowadays, Viasat can actually get you speeds up to 100 Mpbs - check out our full Viasat review for a complete rundown.

So, prices increase after the 3rd month?

Yep. Most Viasat plans feature a lower promo price during the first 3 months. Thereafter, your regular rates kick in and won't increase any further for the remainder of your 2 year contract. Since it's a relatively short promo, we always recommend folks budget according to the regular rates to get the most accurate numbers.

Where to find this package

The Liberty 12 plan is always priced at the lowest rate possible at the official site:
Liberty 12
  • ONLY $30/mo during intro offer, then $50/mo
  • Download speeds of up to 12 Mbps
  • Unlimited Data (may be throttled above 12 GB/mo)
  • Perfect plan for 1-2 people
  • STREAM up to 3 devices without issue
  • Note(s): this is Viasat's most popular plan 3 yrs running
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