Unlimited Silver 25

Twice the speed

The second Unlimited plan from Viasat Exede, Unlimited Silver 25 gets you twice the download speed as Bronze 12. And at $70/mo, it's only 50% more than Bronze so it's a solid upgrade for the price. After your first 3 months, the regular price of $100/mo kicks in (same value ratios apply). Overall, the 25 Mpbs is plenty fast for a medium-sized household with 3-4 connected devices at once. If you're consistently pushing 5 or more simultaneous devices, you're probably better suited for the next higher package, Unlimited Gold 30.

Unlimited Silver 25
25 Mpbs
$70 /mo
Regular: $100
  • Download: 25 Mbps
  • Upload: Up to 3 Mbps
  • Data Allowance: 60 GB /mo
    • - stream/download any time of day
    • - after 60 GB, you're slowed at times
  • Contract: 2 years
  • Up-front fees: $0
Plan Details

As far as equipment goes, as with all other Viasat plans, Silver 25 gives you the option of leasing a modem/router (about $10/mo), purchasing one from them (about $250) or just using your own router. We recommend the latter as it's much less expensive long-term. You'll also have the best control of your network and, of course, get to keep the router whenever you make a change. Simply connect your router to whichever Viasat modem gets installed with your dish.

With regard to the 60 GB/mo cap on this plan, that tends to be a very loose cap and often not applied at all. If you exceed it, Viasat/Exede reserves the right to slow you down to under 5 Mpbs for the rest of the month. It's an option because it really depends on how many other Viasat users you have in your area. If it's relatively few, you may not be capped at all. If it's a ton, you may experience the slower speeds in the evening or other peak times. Worst case, you can buy data at the end of the month if you really need the extra speed or just wait it 'til next month.

PERFECT FOR: a mid-sized household that streams on 3-4 devices at a time.

Other Viasat packages

As you can see, Unlimited Silver 25 is a nice low/mid-range plan. There are still three Unlimited plans above it. If you're unsure, give this one a shot first and upgrade only if you exceed your cap for two consecutive months.

Price after 3 mths
Data Cap After cap, your speeds will likely be reduced to 1-3 Mbps
12 Mbps
40 Gb
Unlimited Silver 25
25 Mpbs
60 Gb
Unlimited Gold 30
30 Mpbs
100 Gb
Unlimited Gold 50
50 Mpbs
100 Gb
Unlimited Platinum 100
100 Mpbs
150 Gb

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of customer service do I get with the Unlimited Silver 25 plan?

All Viasat plans come with 24/7 technical support. That's a relatively rare perk these days. When we had Viasat, we didn't need to call support all that often, but it's always nice to know they're just a call away, even at 3 AM.

Does it matter what time of day I use data with Silver 25?

No. Unlike other Viasat plans (Liberty), the Unlimited plans don't factor in time-of-day with data usage. Stream or record stuff whenever you like.

What's it cost to switch plans?

Nothing, even if you downgrade. Call up customer support anytime and change plans as needed. You'll simply be charged or discounted the prorated difference by the time your next billing cycle rolls along.

Where to find this package

The Unlimited Silver 25 plan is always priced at the lowest rate possible at the official site:
Unlimited Bronze 12
  • ONLY $50/mo during intro offer, then $75/mo
  • Download speeds of up to 12 Mbps
  • Unlimited Data (may be throttled above 40 GB/mo)
  • Perfect plan for 1-2 people
  • STREAM up to 4 devices without issue
  • Note(s): this is Viasat's most popular plan 3 yrs running
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