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Xfinity Fast Internet Package

Half a Gig
Xfinity uses a cable (coax) internet connection
Xfinity Cable Internet
Speeds up to
Upload: 20 Mbps
Contract: none
Cap: 1.2 TB
Price: $50
Plan Review
Xfinity Fast internet plan

Xfinity's third internet plan, Fast increases your speed for a similar increase in price. Meaning, compared to Connect More (300 Mbps, $30/mo), you get 500 Mbps for $50/mo. So, the increase in speed matches the increase in price. All the faster plans give you a price discount for upgrading so make sure you really need 500 Mbps.

With regard to equipment, Xfinity has a pretty high-tech modem and router combo. If you choose to rent them (there's no option to buy), it'll run you at least $15/mo -- though free for 2 years with the current promotion. Compared to competitors, that regular fee is a bit higher than average. If you're new to Xfinity and don't have equipment of your own, renting makes sense. We don't recommend renting long-term though. Buying your own equipment will pay for itself in a few months.

PERFECT FOR: households with a handful of connected devices that stream plenty of games and movies.

Xfinity features five internet plans (Fast is smack dab in the middle). Here's a look:

Cost (Yr 1-2)
Cost (Yr 3+)
150 Mbps
$19.99 /mo
$61 /mo
300 Mbps
$30 /mo
$79 /mo
500 Mbps
$50 /mo
$89 /mo
800 Mbps
$60 /mo
$99 /mo
1000 Mbps
$65 /mo
$109 /mo
Xfinity plans vary by location. See what's available near you.

What you can do with 500 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload

In a word, anything. And that goes for the entire family. Streaming a typical HD video or movie requires about 5 Mbps. So, obviously, plenty of bandwidth available, even for a handful of connected devices. The only other online activities that require more are 4K HD streaming and broadcasting your own live stream (both need about 25 Mbps). Unless you have a small army of Youtubers living with you, the Fast plan should cover just about any need.

Check out the table below for more common uses and their bandwidth usage (per user)

Min. Download
1 Mbps
1-3 Mbps
attached files count
Work from home
15 Mbps
1-5 Mbps
Streaming Video (SD)
4 Mbps
almost 100% download
Streaming Video (HD)
8 Mbps
Streaming Video (HD 4K)
25 Mbps
VoIP HD video call (Zoom)
1.5 Mbps
1.5 Mbps
Gaming - PC Multiplayer
4 Mbps
4 Mbps
Live stream (broadcast)
25 Mbps
1-60 Mbps
varies by quality

Price, Fees and Discounts

Now that we've covered most of the features, let's dig into costs. No hidden or small print -- just the actual list of fees that apply. So, no more sticker shock when that first bill arrives. Overall, the costs with Xfinity Fast are a bit cheaper than Spectrum and other competitors in shared areas. More importantly, Xfinity does a solid job being transparent with pricing so we didn't have to dig too far to find all the fees and costs.

Xfinity Fast: Fees

xFi modem/router Installation Kit Monthly Tax

Modem/Router (xFi)

With Xfinity, you have three different equipment options:

  • Your own equipment - use your own modem and router. No monthly cost.
  • Xfinity Gateway(xFi) - modem/router combo and their entry-level option. Costs $15/mo, though currently free for 2 years.
  • Xfinity XFi Complete - their most advanced modem/router and normally goes for $25/mo. Current specials also have it free for 2 years.

The single biggest reason to upgrade to XFi Complete is it qualifies you for unlimited data. Otherwise, Xfinity has a 1.2 TB data cap that applies to all their plans. $25/mo isn't cheap, so maybe use it for up to 24 months until the free promo expires.

Installation Kit

Getting your service setup is quite easy. You simply connect the equipment to your coax cable and activate the service via the Xfinity app (or call them up). If your residence doesn't already have cable TV/internet wired up (pretty rare these days), a technician will need to visit to get you connected. Either way, Xfinity charges a one-time installation fee of $15 to get your account activated.

Monthly Tax

Based on your state, you may be charged an additional sales tax. If so, it's usually only a couple bucks a month.

Xfinity Fast: Credits


Autopay credit

With any Xfinity service, you qualify for up to a $10/mo discount when you enroll in autopay. That assumes you use your bank account (not a credit card). Using a credit card drops that discount down to $5/mo.

Sample Xfinity Fast Internet Bill (Years 1 and 2)

Ok, now that we've covered the features and individual costs, let's toss everything into a sample bill. The example below assumes you're using their eqiupment (xFi Complete) and enrolled in autopay.

Up front
Xfinity Fast
install kit
  • auto-pay discount
  • discount for 2 yrs
  • ($10)
  • ($29)
Residential Taxes
gov. fees (approx.)
Modem /router
xFi Complete
(2yr discount)

What about hidden fees?

There aren't any. If you go over the data cap or are late with a payment, expect the following...

  • Data overage - in any given month, if you go over the data cap of 1.2 TB applies, it'll cost you $10 for each additional 50 GB of data. Otherwise, you speed will be throttled (not cut off) until your next billing cycle.
  • Late payment fee - if payment isn't submitted within 2 weeks after your due date, a $10 late fee might be added to your bill (though not always).

Xfinity Internet Features

Other than the free equipment, Xfinity is most known for its huge free WiFi Hotspot network. It's available nationwide and is a huge plus for customers...

Xfinity's Wi-Fi Hotspots
Xfinity Hotspots

Leveraging its over 26 million customers in the U.S., Xfinity lets you connect to any user's Wi-Fi signal. Using the Xfinity app is the easiest and quickest way to do so. It automatically scans networks in your immediate area and generally connects you without issue.

Xfinity's xFi modem/router
Xfinity xFi

As mentioned, Xfinity offers two modem/router combos. They're both above-average speed and feature-wise. You got a bit more security with xFi Complete but probably not worth the extra monthly cost (free discounts aside).

Xfinity Fast Data Cap: 1.2 TB

If you're not renting the xFi Complete modem/router ($15/mo), you'll have a 1.2 TB data cap applied to your account. It's a very liberal cap and most households will never come close to it. Reference the table below for an idea of what it takes to get close to the cap in any give month (these activities COMBINED take up about 1.2 TB)...

Send /receive Email
36,000 times
Social media posts (with pic)
6,000 times
Stream music
9,600 hrs
General browsing
2,400 hrs
2,000 hrs
Streaming Video (HD)
420 hrs
1.2 TB

So, unless you routinely leave movies or Youtube running unattended, it'll be difficult to get anywhere near the cap. Speaking of movies/video, here's a breakdown of how much of each adds up to the cap:

  • Streaming SD Video - 1,700 hours (1.2 TB)
  • Streaming HD Video - 480 hours (1.2 TB)
  • Streaming HD 4K Video - 205 hours (1.2 TB)

How to get this plan

As of today, the best price and promos for the Fast plan are below. Calling tends to be the best way to make sure everything is setup correctly, right from the start...

Fast Plan Deal
Expires: soon
  • Fast internet plan for as low as $50/mo
  • 500 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload
  • $29/mo in credits for 24 months
  • xFi Modem/Router available or bring your own
  • Access to millions of Xfinity WiFi Hotspots
  • Qualifies you for bundling deals with TV/phone
Learn More
Order by Phone
Open now? Yes.
Immediate set-up available? Yes.
60% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I easily downgrade from Fast if needed?

Yes. Xfinity doesn't make you jump through (financial) hoops to downgrade. Simply call up customer service and they'll switch you over and your next bill will be prorated accordingly.

Can I save by bundling Fast with TV or mobile?

Sure can. Most of those savings are on the mobile + internet side. Xfinity, like most internet providers, would love to be the source for all your data needs... and prices all their bundles accordingly. However, always compare apples to apples (i.e., total cost after new customer promos expire).

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