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Xfinity TV Deals

Compare and Save

Xfinity is known for its internet service but it's also one of the largest TV providers in the country. In this article, we'll break down the best deals currently available for Xfinity TV. That typically includes bundling specials as most folks combine TV and internet. Whether you bundle or not, nearly all their plans are contract-free so you'll have plenty of flexibility. First-time customers usually save the most as they can take advantage of sign-up bonuses. If it's been a while since you last had Xfinity, you likely re-qualify as a new customer. Below, we rank the top Xfinity TV offers currently available. They tend to change every few months so be sure to check back if you're still in research mode...

July 2024
Our Xfinity Picks
Popular TV updated: 7/14/2024
Popular TV + Connect Internet updated: 7/16/2024
Overall Score: 93/100
Overall Score: 94/100
$50/mo for 125 channels

The best mix of value and programming, the Popular Plan is Xfinity's most popular TV option. No contract required.

$69/mo for 125 channels, 150 Mbps

When you need TV and internet, the Popular plan and Xfinity's Connect internet plan work well for most folks. 1-year contract required (contract free is an option but you'll pay >$25 more per month).

Sign-up Bonus
Autopay and Term Discounts

Sign up for autopay and save $10/mo.
If you commit to a 1-year contract, you'll save an extra $10/mo.

Sign-up Bonus
Autopay, Bundle & Term Discounts

Sign up for autopay and save $10/mo.
Multi-product (bundle) discount of $20/mo.
With a 1-year contract, you'll save an extra $31.01/mo.

Base Perks
Available with all plans


  • Free Standard Installation
  • X1 DVR included: Live TV, sports, On Demand and streaming apps
  • 20 hrs DVR storage included
  • Free Voice Remote
  • 1080p HD quality

Base Perks
Available with all bundles



  • Free Standard Installation
  • XFi Gateway (modem/router) included
  • Unlimited data
  • Advanced security on all your devices
  • Xfi Pod included (extend your WiFi coverage)

ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, etc.

The Popular TV plan gets you most of the ESPNs, Fox Sports and ALL your Regional Sports Networks (watch your local teams). Specifically, you get: ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel and your RSN (eg, NBC Sports Bay Area).

ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, etc.


Streaming TV Special

Only available when you bundle with internet.

Streaming TV Special
Save 30% on Netflix, Peacock & Apple TV

Called Xfinity StreamSaver, add it to any internet plan for $15/mo and get Peacock Premium with ads, Netflix Standard with ads and Apple TV+, all 30% off.

This TV Plan Best For...
A variety of TV interests

Popular is a well-rounded plan and suits just about all needs. You can get more movies and drama by upgrading to Ultimate TV ($18/mo more).

This Bundle Best For...
Families that dig live TV + streaming

The Connect plan has 75 Mbps download speeds and that lets 3-4 devices stay connected to their favorite streaming services.

Overall Savings
Over $250

Every month, you'll save over $20/mo ($250 per year). Value-wise, the plan stacks up well to other cable and satellite TV plans. The fact that it's no-contract is a big plus.

Overall Savings
Over $450

You save over $40/mo -- maximize your savings by agreeing to a 1-year contract though the contract is optional. This bundle is one of the best TV and internet options around.

Where to Get These Offers

As of today, you can lock in these specials (and similar bundles) below. You have the option of ordering online or over the phone and, in most cases, there's no dollar advantage to choosing one over the other...

Xfinity TV Deal
Expires: soon
  • Popular TV package for as low as $50/mo
  • Over 125 live TV channels
  • X1 DVR (latest receiver) included free
  • All local channels included
  • Qualifies you for bundling deals with internet/phone
  • Note: This is XFINITY's best offer since Nov 2020
Learn More
Talk with an Xfinity TV Specialist:
38% Off

Double Play vs Triple Play

An Xfinity Double Play is a TV and internet bundle. A Triple Play is TV, internet and phone bundle. Both combine all your services and billing into one. That qualifies you for a "Multi-product" discount with Xfinity, which can be upwards of $50/mo. If anything goes wrong, it's that much easier to get support for all your Xfinity services at once. All Xfinity technicians are trained to fix all their services (TV, internet and phone).

Note that the phone service is not an old school landline (like those copper lines you get with AT&T). It's a VoIP phone that requires the internet. It sill has 911 and emergency functions though your internet will need to be up for it to work. Overall, Xfinity's phone service and models are all above average. If you need phone service, it's a solid option.

Buying Tip: When you order, be sure you qualify for all the new customer discounts. If the system recognizes you as a previous customer, it may adjust your pricing. If there's no such messaging, you're all set. If you see them, hop onto the support chat or ask your sales rep. Make sure you get the full discounts.

ACP Discounts

Update: the ACP program ended in April 2024. There's no word on whether it will return but Xfinity is lowering their prices to help customers adjust.

As with most internet providers, if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) you can get a $30/mo credit applied to your bill. ACP is a government program that prioritizes the ability for lower-income folks to connect to the internet. It's based on your household income and if you already receive government aid, you likely qualify. If you're not sure or in a time crunch, you can get the discount applied after you place a regular order. Eligibility for ACP will last for as long as you need it. You may need to confirm your eligibility every so often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to call or order online?

For the most part, there's no difference. Both routes use the same ordering system. Either way, be sure all the bundling or monthly discounts are applied before you confirm anything.

Can I remove internet or TV if I no longer want it?

Yes. Unless you're in a bundled contract, you can remove either service at anytime, without penalty. You can add it back in just as easy. If it's mid-month, you'll get a pro-rated bill for the difference.

How do I get unlimited internet data?

When you rent Xfinity's equipment (XFi) for $15/mo, you automatically qualify for unlimited data. If you use your own modem/router, unlimited data is an extra charge. For most needs, though, Xfinity's monthly 1.2 TB cap is more than enough.

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