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Disney Junior Channel

Disney Jr channel
Founded: March, 2012
Parent Company: Disney
Tagline: "The Party's Right Here"
Website: disneynow.com/all-shows/disney-junior

The younger sibling to one of the biggest franchises in entertainment, Disney Junior is home to a giant library of entertainment for preschoolers. From original TV series to reruns from the parent channel and the previous iteration of the channel (Disney Jr. playhouse) most toddlers will find plenty of funny and relatable characters to cherish and enjoy. So, while it doesn't quite have the pedigree of the likes of Sesame Street (save the Mickey Mouse line), it consistently creates memorable brands that tend to get passed down to the following crop and generation of school-age kids.

With respect to programming, a variety of Mickey Mouse-related shows leads the way. From Mickey Mouse: Mixed up adventures to Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog Tales they're instantly the most recognizable programs on the network. From there, you'll get a healthy mix of Minnie Mouse, Chip n Dale, TOTS, Lion King and various other fun and adventerous characters. Vampirina was one of their more successful original shows -- following a family of vampire hoteliers (including a schoolage girl) from Transylvania to Pennsylvania creates all sorts of memorable situations :). Overall, there's plenty of entertainment on TV and Youtube for youngsters 2-5, but creating a memorable brand from scratch is tough. Disney definitely has the lineage and has parlayed that into a successful offshoot of their primary network. Disney Jr is available on both DIRECTV and DISH although you'll need to subscribe to the America's Top 200 or above to watch it on DISH.

Disney Jr. Programming & Shows

Original Series: Mickey Mouse: Mixed up adventures, Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog Tales, Mira: Royal Detective, Disney Jr Lullabies, Disney Jr Nursery Rhymes, Chuggington, Dino Ranch, Disney Princess, etc.
Reruns: Mickey Mouse Playhouse, Vampirina, Superman adventures, Muppet Babies, Toon Bops, various other Disney shows, etc

Is Disney Jr. Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available - Channel 289 (SD / HD)
Available - Channel 168 (SD)
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