Free Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

You get: a free Google Home Mini ($50+ value)
Available to: new DISH customers only
Expires: soon
ValueScore: 93/100

In the latest brand and promo crossover, new DISH customers can now get a free Google Home Mini (value of at least $50) with the purchase of any new plan. The major upside here for DISH is that the Home Mini is fully integrated with DISH's program guide. So, for example, when you're ready to watch TV, simply say "Hey Google, go to Discovery Channel" and it'll fire right up. Earlier in 2018, DISH had a similar relationship and offer with Amazon's Echo/Alexa, which was also free and completely patched into the Hopper. That bonus lasted for a few months (usually until supplies last) and we expect much of the same with the Google Mini. Finally, the nice part about this bonus is you can stack it on top of any other DISH special currently running.

Can you get the Google Home Mini with DIRECTV or DISH?

DIRECTV last checked: today
DISH last checked: 11/6/2022
Not available with any package.
Available with ALL packages...
DIRECTV has partnered with Google in the past, but to date, has never offered any of their "smart home" devices.
or call 1-855-239-7313
or call 1-855-220-8135

How to Qualify and Redeem

Any DISH package qualifies you for the Mini. On the DVR side, you'll need a smart DVR, either the Hopper 3 or the Hopper Duo (otherwise, the Home Mini woouldn't be able to recognize your regular receiver anyhow). To get the Google Home Mini, simply confirm your mailing address with your customer service agent. Expect it to arrive in a few weeks (DISH installers MAY carry some with them, but we can't currently confirm).

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