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Free HD for Life

HD 4 Life

You get: every HD channel available at no additional charge
Available to: new customers only
Expires: never (as long you have have an active account)
First seen in: 2008
ValueScore: 94/100

Can you get this offer with DIRECTV or DISH?

DIRECTV last checked: today
DISH last checked: 2/23/2023
Available with ALL packages...
Available with ALL packages...

Summary and History

One of the longest-standing offers out there, Free HD for Life is a must-have for just about every subscriber (if you don't have an HD-capable TV yet, get one!). In its early days, high definition started out slow. Studios experimented with broadcasting select programs in HD, but the steep cost of high def TVs made it difficult for the average person to experience it. So, it was really more of a luxury and DIRECTV and DISH felt comfortable charging an extra fee for it (usually $10/month). After a few years, parts and manufacturing costs plummeted and demand soon skyrocketed. By 2008, just about every household had at least one high def television and both DIRECTV and DISH quickly realized that standard def wouldn't cut it any longer (i.e, it was due time to drop the extra fee for HD). Since then, it's been a free part of (nearly) every package and don't expect that to change in the future.

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